Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Improved Small Scale Aquaponics System Design for Fish and Vegetable Cultivation using Recycled Materials

(Congratulations! National Level Finalist -NCR Representative, Biotechnology Fair)
Mary Anne Picardal, Quinie Granada, Darilyn Regalario, Mary Hime Mendoza, Kirsten Villanueva
Research Adviser: Mrs. Ma. Regaele A. Olarte


Through the course of the study of biotechnology, the researcher was made aware of the objectives and mechanisms in using organisms for practical purposes, as well as the ethical and moral issues accompanying it. Aquaponics technology can be a solution to the crises of our country especially when it comes to livelihood and agriculture. It can even answer malnutrition problems, as people get awareness that they can harvest food (both fish and crops) just right from their homes without expending much capital. Moreover, the constructed system could add beauty and attraction to wherever it is placed, as it was aesthetically designed to demonstrate the biological processes in the system. To test the effectiveness of the system design, the researcher sought to investigate the growth of Gotu Kola, a known herbal plant, on an improved aquaponics system of their own version, and compare it to the traditional planting using soil as the medium. Locally available and recycled materials were used in constructing the system in support for sustainable development. The study tested if there is a significant difference between the growth of the plants on the traditional planting with soil (control set-up) and the aquaponics system (experimental set-up) in terms of height of the plants and the number of leaves that sprouted within a period of ten weeks. After the construction of the system and the experimentation on Gotu Kola, the researcher was able to gather the results. The null hypothesis was validated using the unpaired t-test of 0.05 level of significance. Thus, the project was considered to be successful, and further recommendations could be given such as the use of other materials and configurations in designing another version of the system. Any other plants and fish may also be used in the experiment. 


  1. could i know if you did use a commercial nutrient solution in growing plants in this system?

    hoping for your response ^_^ thanks

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  4. Can i ask for the whole process of tge project

  5. can I ask the full copy of this ip?

  6. Could I request for the full copy of this ip? Thank you so much! :)

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  9. Can I ask for the procedures? Thank you :)